An irrigation system’s planning and design is critical to its success; that’s why StayGreen professionally plans and custom designs a system specifically fit for your landscape leaving you with the lawn you’ve always dreamed of.


Tired of wasting time and money? Have you ever considered an automatic underground sprinkler system? StayGreen Irrigation installs all types of irrigation systems. We offer the best warranty in the business. We have the best products, pricing and service available. See our installation process.

Installing a sprinkler system will pay for itself just in money you save on water conservation. When watering by hand, almost 50% of the water is lost due to runoff and evaporation. Some customers may obtain a second water meter for irrigation to avoid paying sewer fees on water used in your yard. In times of watering bans or restrictions, sprinkler systems can be programmed to run late at night or early in the morning when water evaporation is the lowest. We can also schedule odd/even watering.

A system installed by StayGreen Irrigation will evenly water your lawn and plants, in sufficient quantity but without over-watering, using all possible means to ensure control. We will propose the most suitable technical solutions to provide the best value for your money. Our teams of installers will install a system of pipes underground in the turf areas, with minimal disruption to your lawn. Flower beds and gardens are dug by hand to minimize damage to the existing plant materials.

StayGreen Irrigation is furnished with the most modern equipment as well as a professional and knowledgeable staff. Because of this, no installation is too large, too small or too complex. You can be assured your job will be handled by professionals from design to final adjustments.